The Tour

El Recorrido del Toro Enmaromado por las calles de Benavente ha evolucionado a lo largo de la historia del festejo, adaptándose a los tiempos y a los cambios que ha ido adoptando la ciudad de Benavente


The Route oficial en la actualidad se muestra en el siguiente mapa:

Travel Toro Enmaromado Benavente:

Output Toril, Calle de las Eras, Plaza del Toril, Calle San Anton, Calle Matadero, Street Hererros, Street of the Cortes of castile and León, Plaza mayor, Passage of the Cherries, Calle la Rúa, Plaza de Santa María, Square of Wood (1st Ring), Street Lamp, Plaza San Martín, the Crossing, San Martin, Calle Sinoga, Slope of the River, Plaza Juan Carlos I, Street Carts, Crossing of Alfonso IX of León, Santa Clara Street, Square of the Lions (2nd Ring), Broad Street, Clique of Renewed (3rd Ring), Cuesta del Portillo de San Andrés, Calle del Agujero de San Andrés y Avenida El Ferial (donde se encuentra el matadero).

Regulatory Bases of the Tour

The following regulatory Basis for the development of the race are applicable during the tour of the Framed Bull:


Del Toro

  • The bull must always be RESPECTEDbecause it is a noble animal, and bravo.
  • It is strictly forbidden to touch it, trim it, mistreatment, by and harass him.

The Maroma

  • The Maroma it is responsible for driving the Toro for the tour of the different streets.
  • The Rope must run loose, zigzag whenever the corridors of the tip slopes of the center and those that are closer to the bull. Should not be left to the rope to tighten violently.
  • The voice “MAROMA” loosen the place all the riders who are ahead of those who give the voice, because it is the signal that the Bull has stopped or has slowed his career.
  • The voice “TORO” you must increase the pace of the race, but never leaving the rope. Those who have caught it are to be attached and not push in front.
  • Do NOT GRAB the Rope by the painted area, not a grab NEVER THE ROPE BEHIND THE BULL AND NEVER STOP IT OR TO QUOTE IT FROM BEHIND, except for force majeure and to avoid a fuck.
  • Do not step on or jump over the Rope.
  • To change the position always has to be done under it.
  • Should never be left Maroma loose that you can drag to the runners.
  • The voice “CORNER” take the rope to the opposite sidewalk away from her as much as possible.
  • The portals of the tour must be open and empty.
  • In the squares of the Bull shall rest, and will be respected by the riders of the mark that will be painted on the floor.
  • At the end of the tour, the Bull would be driven to municipal offices, are suitable for their sacrifice unless something goes higher force, that will be sacrificed where appropriate.
  • During the tour of the Bull, qualified people and identified a timely manner to ensure the compliance of the above.
Recorrido del Toro Enmaromado de Benavente, 1979
Route of the Bull Enmaromado of Benavente, 1979
Recorridos Toros 2024
Mapa de los recorridos 2024