Clubs and Associations

The Rocks Officers and other Associations of the Bull Enmaromado of Benavente, filled with music and color to the streets of Benavente during its Fairs and Festivals. It can be said that in Benavente, during the festival of the Bull Enmaromado feels the triumph of the popular, the inclusive nature of the celebration and the hospitality of its inhabitants

Rocks Official

Culture and Folk Tradition

The first “Peñas del toro enmaromado” that is reported to arise spontaneously formed by small groups or gang of friends in a private capacity animate the party in the afternoon, the eve of Corpus christi, coming also with their banners to the traditional request the bull enmaromado during the feast of the Veguilla

At the end of the sixties, the Rocks acquire an official character, and begin to bring to the party a new dimension, which happens to become an explosion, festive, crowded and participatory. The number of its components is multiplied coming to form clusters of up to several hundreds of members in some cases.  

 These groups, of free and private were formed around this festival to participate in certain features that are unique to the phenomenon of partnerships: voluntary adherence, common house, banquet fellowship, dancing, distinctive component of initiation of the young generations, etc On the rocks involved, young and old, men and women. Are divided into categories by age. 

The Rocks to work on throughout the year at its headquarters to greater enhancement of the party. In your organisation, there are the president, secretary, treasurer, vowels, and all peñistas adults to discuss and agree on issues that affect the lives of peñista. It is funded through public subsidies and the contributions of its members. 

A key element in each of the rocks is the accompaniment of a charanga to encourage these, especially during their parades and processions. For the regulation and greater enhancement of their participation in the feasts, they are grouped in the Coordinator of Peñas del Toro Enmaromado, which is responsible for the participation of the Rocks in the parades officers and various celebrations.

Associations Bullfighting and other Rocks

Character Taurine

During the last few decades have emerged in the margin of the rocks officers of the Bull Enmaromado, the so-called associations bullfighting and bull enmaromado. Its purpose is the defense and promotion of bullfighting popular and traditional, and in particular of the Framed Bull.

Its main contribution is the influence on the character of bullfighting traditional holiday enhancing the cultural values of both the bull enmaromado or rope as the different lots bullfighting popular. 

Each one of these associations that have in common the bull, it has however its own organization, and preferences within the bullfighting traditional. Participate through regular contacts or embedded in organizational structures of the associations taurine popular of the community or of the national level even.

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