Strategic Enclave and authentic

Planifica tu viaje a Benavente. La ciudad de Benavente it is defined as a strategic crossroads and meeting. Over the centuries it has been and is their main imprint. Part of their valuable natural heritage, historical and monumental, it preserves a rich intangible heritage that still is seen in its squares and streets.

Benavente has been characterized as a traditional way by its wide range of services, in particular trade and hospitality industry. Its cuisine is distinguished by a campus food of the highest quality. Es a box of small and big surprises and a perfect size for enjoying both your physical assets and intangible.  
I encourage you to come to know our city and its people. We will always have for anyone who stops in this crossroads, a warm welcome.

Where are we?

Benavente is located in the north of the province of Zamora, 65 kilometres by road to the provincial capital. It belongs to the district of Benavente and The Valleys, of which it is the head of the district.

Communicate Benavente with the outside various pathways that connect the center of Spain with the northwest of the peninsula, as are the highways A-6, A-52 and A-66.

Is Benavente, in addition to place of departure, milestone confluence of other routes of National, Regional and County that contribute to make the city the largest communications hub of the northwest of Spain.