What is
the Point Violet?

The Point Violet is a space of information, awareness, safety and support to victims of domestic violence in a context of space and festive nightlife, in which it is produced agglomerations important people in a joyful attitude, as is the case of the Fairs and Festivals of the Bull Enmaromado

At the National level, is included in the framework of the actions referred to in the State pact against gender-based violence.  

At the local level, it is framed in the activities detailed in the Plan III of Equality and in the I Protocol Municipal to cases of gender-based violence in the town of Benavente y comarca.

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Where to find us?

During the Fiestas del Toro Enmaromado

Physically, the Point Violet is formed by a tent that was located in the Plaza de Santa María during the Week of the Framed Bull

It is accompanied by the enabling of safe spaces in Rocks and Bars. By placing distinctive report of safe space, and basic training to the people who run these establishments.

Throughout the Year

Point Municipal Information and Attention against Gender-based Violence (Support Unit)